Saving a 330 Gloria 220 diesel VIDEO!!

So I got a tip from my brother about a old Datsun. One of my brothers wifes old friends had a car sitting in his parents yard since early 1990’s. It had been parked there just because there was no need for a car at the time. In Finland such a big Diesel car has quite enormous annual DSL tax. This might be one reason for leaving the car…

64226241_447731786052566_5260548756721369088_n (1)

Well now then the place where it was sitting had to be sold. All the junk had to go. Luckily I got the tip before junkman came.. For my suprise the Datsun happened to be a 330 Gloria. Only rusted. Engine turned over. Brakes were seized on some wheels. Clutch did not work.

With help from a nearby farmer we got the car out from the old yard. After some brake work we managed to get it on trailer.

62407888_326800944900310_4721482575267233792_n (1).jpg

Later that night I got the car running. Only thing I added was some jump start power. Even the diesel was over 20 years old that had been sitting inside fuel system. 😀

Next day I took all brakes out. I cleaned the parts and put some coppergrease here and there. Clutch had slave cylinder that had been seized out. Some oil and hone did the work. So it was allready fully driveable and rolling freely.

And there was even two similar cars as parts. Even same color. Mostly body parts, interior, gearboxes, etc..

69275412_2589394597778430_6790203897517441024_n (1)

69264670_480584395822797_2490108809997975552_n (1)

Here is a Video


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