Datsun PL312

Visited one enthusiast that has a original PL312 1963 . Very nice original condition. Only dirt and dust in these pictures. Virtually rust free. This is one of those Very first Datsuns imported to Finland. And actually Finland is told to be first country in europe to import any japanese cars. Although there were some Datsuns in Norway that were tested also in Finland. There was a stock of 713 PL312 cars that travelled to Finland inside a ship named Pireus. Most countries in europe were part of EEC. Japanese goods had high taxes etc. on these countries. Finland and other nordic countires were members of EFTA which was a bit more open minded. And so Finland was one of the very first european country to receive japanes cars on it’s roads. I have no infromation if Norway had large amount of Datsuns imported before Finland or did they only have some for test. According to Datsun/PMC register Norway they did import some 14 cars all ready in 1960. These were 310 sedan, wagon and pic ups. One of those came to Finland for test. And according to thisd Finland was actually first to have official larger scale Datsun import in europe.



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