Barn Find 240K GT “Gold Nugget”

During spring 2015 I got hold to a old foto. Thanks goes to “mr. Juissi” ! His relative had this golden 240K GT back in 80’s. Juissi had admired this car when he was just a young fellow. This car made a positive impact that hunted him all those years. V__F531

One day back in 2015 Juissi send me the photo of this car with original reg.plate. I was amazed that he suggested that I would be the guy to find out wether it still exists. And when he told me : “you are the guy that will get it bought and should buy it ” I was even more amazed. I was thrilled to start investigating. Firstly I made a search from trafic administrations database. There I found the last owner dated to time when it was de-registered. After that I had to find out where this guy lived and what was his phone number. Luckily the car was still owned by the last registered owner. It had just been taken out of trafic due to loss of interest.  This car has possibly 3-4 owners and very low km. It had been stored in a warehouse since 2003. It had been de-registered 2003.

When I first called the last owner and found out that car still exists I could not sleep too well.. I had to go and see this car. After all the owner said that it could be for sale – Just make an offer!! Oh no!! And it had been sitting in storage.. What would it look like– Rust bomb or what..?? IMG_0653

Well after a month or so I finally managed to go to the site. After all it was some 500 km away from my home. So I had to keep calm for quite some time.. And there it was now. Covered in dust. No keys. No room actually to see every angle. But what I could see was a unmolested body with minimum rust for this age Japanese car. Here in Finland they do put salt on roads. So It seemed that this car had not been used too much under winters. Or it had been washed underneath after every salty road visit.. IMG_0662

So after I saw the car I had to start bidding. No one bidding against me I had good change 🙂 First bid almost got the on his toes. “That is no where near the sum I am thinking” – he said! After some calls I had to put my foot down and say that this is my limit. Owner decided that he might restore the car some day. So the deal was not made. I suggested that he keeps my contact if he needs parts when restoring the car.

After 3 months he calls me and asks if I am still interested! I was like what do you think man! Ofcourse I was still interested. Only problem was financial situation.. I had bought a 510 wagon and a Volvo 360 for ice track. Plus some other useless stuff 🙂 So I had to start selling. After one week all of stuff above had been sold. I had to get the car picked up fast. If the owner had made the decision to sell it I had to move before he decides to put it on open market. If he would have put it in the open there would have been a storm of buyers 🙂 Luckily I got my financials sorted via stock exchange + Master card 😀

So of I went to pick up the car. Funny enough when we got doors opened and hood up ther e was some webers, steelheaders, oil coolers etc. added to the car. And the engine block was l28. Not bad when you think that I had not seen engine bay before I started bidding 😀 My trailer was too narrow. So I had to borrow some small wheels from my buddy. Those wheels were b210 13″ steelies. To get them under I had to take front calipers of !! I think my trailer had just a bit too low load weight ratings also.. Well I saw only one patrol of officials on the road back home. IMG_0832

Car has only two visible spots that have been rust repaired long time ago. The bottom is absolutely fine. I took it to MOT check and got it registered again. Only things I had to do were swapping in new brake master, opening all brakes. Naturally I had to fiddle a bit with lights. And I had to swap ignition switch also due to missing keys. Triple webers had to go for a while because they need overhauling.  Otherwise it was good to go.classic240kgt

And here she is at Classic Motor Show in Lahti. I drove the car there and back. About 700 km all together.

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